1. Revealed - The Top 3 Lower Abs Exercises - Video by Vince Delmonte showing the 3 exercises and access to his Your Six Pack Quest Program.

2. No Sit Ups Required For The Best Abs Workout - Illustrated tri-set for the abs, without actually completing a single ab exercise and access to Mike Geary's Truth About Abs Program.

3. The Daniel Craig (James Bond) Full Body Workout - Shaken, Not Stirred - A Full Body Hardcore Circuit Training Session and access to the creator of this workout's program, Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training.

4. Muscle Gaining Programs - The Man From Delmonte He Say Yes - Video Footage guiding you through a six week muscle gaining program and access to Vince Delmonte's No Nonsense Muscle Building.


Muscle Gaining Programs - The Man From DelMonte He Say Yes!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to discover how to get your hands on Vince's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program for 25% of the price and also a chance to win $1000.

That was one of Vince Delmonte's 6 week Muscle Gaining Programs. For the past few years Vince has been considered the world's top "Skinny Guy Expert". He transformed himself in a matter of month's, by stopping taking supplements and following some very simple principles, to what you see before you today!

Before, when I was taking massive amounts of supplements and blindly following what the magazines told me to do, I was an embarrassingly scrawny 149 pound twerp. After I discovered the truth I shot up to an impressive 190 pounds of rock-solid, ripped muscle mass in under 6 months...and became a national champion fitness model! Now I’m a solid 210 lbs and 10% body fat… and I'm going to show you how to build 10, 20, 30 and even 50 lbs of rock hard muscle (without getting fat in the process)!

I must admit when i first started training and looking at different Muscle Gaining Programs, i wasn't your typical "skinny guy"...i was just your Mr Average who looked very average, but with a little pot belly in tow. What i liked about Vince's Muscle Building Programs was that it appeared to use some of the principles that i had heard about over the years, such as interval training cardio and compound multi-joint movements for your resistance training.

Best of all Vince himself has admitted that he used to stuff himself full of supplements for many years, but saw his best gains once he stopped taking these pills and potions!

Vince's No Nonsense Muscle Building Program is the ultimate guide to help you pack on muscle and stay lean. This is a 201 page instantly downloadable body sculpting manual for both you guys and gals!

This guide promises and delivers the following:-

Gain clean, pure, cut muscle and increase your strength dramatically!

Whether you are young or old. Short or tall. Skinny or really skinny. Or skinny with a pot belly. It doesn't matter!

And you'll do it too...

Averaging only 3 hours of weight training per week!
Performing only 2-4 unique muscle crunching sets!
Training each muscle only 2 times every 5 days!
Starting in the next 2-4 weeks… not months!

You can get your copy of No Nonsence Muscle Building Program for a remarkable $77 which includes an iron clad 60 day 100% money back guarantee and a staggering 16 free bonuses valued at $ favourite of which has to be full lifetime access to Vince's No-Nonsense Private Member Zone. This is an online community where like-minded people can get together and share workout, nutrition and motivation tips.

OK as promised 1) your chance to win $1000 pure hard cash and 2) how to get your hands on Vince's No Nonsense Muscle Building for 25% of the price.

1) Vince is offering $1000 every 12 weeks, for the best transformation.... the person who has changed their body the most... gets a cool grand, and has their photos and story featured on Vince's website.

2) If you go through this link you will get access to the Vince's website. Once you are there, close the browser (yes you read correctly) and an automated live chat will appear offering you a 21 day trial of this program at an exclusive price of $19.95.

So you have no more excuses...time to get ripped and buff!

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